HFL values
Summary: Developed over many years, our five values have stood the test of time and application: clarity, Integrity and respect, collaboration, creativity and learning, accountability. Here's how they work.
Written by Alistair Gordon 20 Jun 2020

HFL Values

Developed over many years, our five values have stood the test of time and application.


We start with a clearly defined end in mind, and maintain focus on outcomes.

We are an outcome-focused firm. We believe that if we can’t clearly see and measure the outcome an executive development initiative is designed to achieve, we shouldn’t move forward with it until we can.

We understand that many organisational development, learning and development, and line managers have fought very hard to secure budgets to fund these initiatives. A great deal is on the line. They have to work in order to secure future funding. Individual executives risk their professional reputations when they choose a supplier. We understand this and remind ourselves every day of our responsibility to deliver value and desired outcomes.

Integrity and respect

We take personal responsibility for our actions, and we diplomatically but honestly tell it like it is; we respect those we work with.

Our clients come to HFL for our expert opinions, intellectual property design and delivery experience and capability. It is our responsibility to make sure we deliver these in full in every interaction. It is also therefore incumbent on us to “honestly tell it like it is” diplomatically. If we don’t think something a client is suggesting will work, we’ll say so. We believe this is what you pay us for.

We respect those we work, including and in particular the participants. One of our key design mantras is “the answer is in the room”. Our job is to create learning environments that enables participants to discover best and next practice by themselves.


We work in true partnership with colleagues and clients to find the best solutions to achieve desired outcomes.

It is such an easy work to say and write, but really so difficult to truly live up to. We try our very best. Almost all of our very best work is co-created with clients and participants. We find that it is combination of experiences and ideas from internal learning teams, ourselves as external partners, and past and future participants in the client organisations that produce terrific results.

Creativity and learning

We find opportunities to innovate and learn from every engagement.

We are never satisfied. We know, because over the years we have proved it, than any initiative can be better the next time around. And we enjoy challenging standard design practice when it comes to executive learning initiatives - because many traditional designs often don’t produce the desired results these days.

Many of our most innovative ideas have come from executing suggestions made by clients or participants. This would not have happened unless we seek out every opinion relentlessly, and then listen intently to what we are told.

And we measure everything.


We keep our promises.

Firstly, we won’t promise anything we can’t deliver. And secondly, if we say we are going to deliver something, we will. With a laser focus on outcomes and results, we design programs and initiatives to ensure the client gets the return on their investment the3y desire and deserve.


We believe in partnering with organisations that share these values and approaches to executive development , whether for leaders or experts.

We love working with clients who want to really stretch us. That’s when we believe we do our best work, for both the client organisation and the individual participants.

If you are looking for a partner to co-create something special with, then we hope you will consider HFL.

If you are looking for a supplier who simply does what you tell them to do and adds no value, we’d prefer you talk to someone else.

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