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Summary: A core team of specialists, like a Centre of Excellence for Leadership and Expertship design, are supported by a highly experienced program management team and a cohort of over 40 accredited coaches and facilitators.
Written by Alistair Gordon 23 Feb 2021

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Expertunity: world leaders in helping experts fulfil their potential

Vision & Purpose

Expertunity was founded to bring Expertship to experts globally.

Our vision is that every technical specialist will have access to all of the skills they need to be the best expert they can be and add maximum ongoing value to their organizations.

Because technical experts tend to over-index on building their technical skills, Expertunity was founded to help them complement their technical excellence with the other skills they need to be the best – enterprise skills. Enterprise skills are those business, inter-personal, strategic, change and collaboration skills that enable them to influence far and wide and make a major impact in their organizations and during their careers.

We aim to achieve this vision by developing learning assets that can be deployed by experts everywhere to master enterprise skills.


Expertunity was founded as a separate division of the HFL Group in 2021, after several years of development and delivery of the Expertship concepts by HFL.

Expertunity is an unusual start-up in that it already boasts many major clients around the world.

Our medium-term objectives is to be able to promote do-it-yourself learning assets and facilitated programs to all English-speaking countries, and to source partners who are interested in working in non-English speaking territories.


Expertunity has now delivered Expertship programs to over 2000 experts and their managers. We work with blue-chip organizations who have many expert employees in United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Several of these clients have been good enough to provide testimonials and case studies, which you’ll find in our blog.

We have hosted participants who are located in many other countries on our programs, including across Asia and more recently Africa.

We are able to deliver programs globally both virtually and in most jurisdictions face-to-face with accredited Expertship coaches. The two books we have published, The Expertship Growth Guide, and Master Expert, are both available for purchase globally.

For a more formal description of our credentials please contact us. Meantime, you could read client case studies from Cenitex, the Victorian Government’s IT arm, and GenesisCare, and from Aon. You can also hear from the CIO of Aon about the genesis of the expertship program.

Our team

We are blessed to have a large cohort of fully accredited coaches and facilitators who help our core team deliver programs around the world. Please reach out to us for biographies of consultants we have working in your region.

Our leadership team includes:

We are seeking Investors

We are actively seeking investors in 2022 in order to help us accelerate the growth of Expertship globally. Expertunity represents a significant opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a learning solution that is going global quickly.

We are seeking Partners

We are actively seeking partners to help us bring Expertship programs to the world. Please contact us here to introduce yourselves. We are seeking to find similarly minded learning organizations who might wish to license our IP and programs in their respective companies. In 2022, there are some substantial exclusive geographies, particularly in non-English speaking countries, available.

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