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Making a Business Case for Frontline Leadership Investments

L&D professionals claim that leadership development programs benefit organisations in a multitude of ways, but can we really prove it? Does the research support this contention? And do frontline leadership development programs in particular really deliver elevated organisational return on investment and effort? We did the research, and here’s the proof you need to convince the business that not investing is a very poor decision.

Getting started with Expertship

With nearly 30 of our clients worldwide now deploying Expertship programs, we’ve plenty of experience of the questions early-stage clients ask, the information they need to know, and the challenges they face socializing and getting buy-in for the need for distinct Expertship programs in their organization. Here is our guide.

What are enterprise skills, and why are they important for technical experts?

Far more than the ‘soft skills’ you hear people talking about, enterprise skills make all the difference when it comes to technical experts delivering high performance and breakthrough value-add. Combined with their technical skills, they enable experts to fulfil their potential and make a big difference to their organisation, their customers, and the wider world.

What working with HFL/Expertunity in 2021 has taught me about coaching and expertship

Working with HFL/Expertunity has exposed me to the multifaceted and strategic work that leadership development companies do beyond psychometrics including report writing for executive recruitment, coaching, mentoring, leadership and development, and workplace research.

Leading teams of experts: the invisible scary truth

Most organisations have leaders charged with leading teams of experts who have more technical knowledge than they do. Many leaders won’t share how stressful this can be. In this article, we share what these leaders should be telling the OD and L&D team, and how you can help them.

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