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Summary: How have Aon, Cenitex, DuluxGroup, Evolution Mining, Genea put participant experience at their heart of their leadership development? What benefits did they see?
Written by Grant Heinrich 22 Feb 2020

Image credit: HFL Leadership

What’s inside?

  • Five people and culture leaders testing participant experience

  • In the words of the senior people and culture executive

  • Innovative new approaches to leadership and expertship

Participant-led learning is a principle that we adopted as a company in 2015, when the current owners of HFL took charge.

Create an amazing learning experience for the participant (participant experience, PX), we reasoned, and the clients would be happy. So it has proved.

Participant-led learning comes in many shapes and sizes, but at its heart is a simple premise – design a learning experience that works for the individual participant.

This journey has led us to challenge accepted wisdom about program design. It has meant we’ve blown up a couple of “typical approaches”. It also means that, counter-intuitively, we have created some programs along lines that went out of fashion last century. That’s what happens when you put the interests of the participant ahead of everything else.

The case studies herein – described in the words of some of our wonderful clients – show this variety. Small group coaching pods are all the rage at the front line. Five day workshops work their socks off for experts. And bespoke super-blended designs work for more complex businesses.

We are extremely grateful to the busy clients who took time to talk to us and share their journey with you.

We are always eternally grateful to the very busy leaders featured in this booklet who gave us their precious time to talk to us and put themselves out there.

We hope the content contained in this booklet is informative and helps you shape your next important participant-led interventions in the leadership and expertship space.

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