Our approach: how HFL works with clients
Summary: HFL has four principles that direct our approach with clients
Written by Alistair Gordon 21 Jun 2020

How HFL works with clients

How we hit the road with clients is driven by our approach, founded on four core principles:


  • We believe that every organisation is different, and constantly changing, and that every leadership initiative must necessarily be different; we believe customised solutions provide the most effective outcomes. In our off the shelf product offerings, from our Fastlead and Expertunity groups, as customised to the participant rather than the organisation.

  • We believe that effective customisation requires us to immerse ourselves in the client’s business and strategy.

  • We can prove that customisation does not necessarily mean more expensive.


  • We believe the best way to deliver client value is to focus on outcomes for each participant we work with, helping them either lead the best they can, or be the best expert possible.

  • We believe that participant success is achieved through deployment of the desired new behaviours, not just through the transfer of knowledge, and that development and progression is about learning new things, but also about leaving things behind.

  • We believe a duty of care for individual participants is of paramount importance, understanding that we impact on people’s lives, not just their careers.

  • We embrace, and our designs facilitate, the individuality of everyone’s learning journey.


  • We create a lasting, sustainable behavioural changes by building into our designs accountability loops, measurement and regular check-ins.

  • Contagious “Multiplier” effect - we work to help everyone in our participants’ eco-system, not just the participant; this leads to a multiplier effect. Most particularly, we work with the leaders of our participants to ensure they are in the very best position possible to support the learning and growth of their reports.

  • We take a pragmatic approach to driving real organisational outcomes - new knowledge, mindsets and behaviours need to be “news participants can use” and that have a direct connection to improved outcomes.

  • Effectiveness is enhanced by allowing HFL consultants access to relevant stakeholders.


  • We adopt an options-led approach to building the optimal solution.

  • We support key stakeholders in driving results through the organisation.

  • Risk is minimised by “starting small”.

  • Honesty means “saying it as it is”, and addressing the real organisational issues. This sometimes uncomfortable for all parties, but is better than the initiative failing because we didn’t have the courageous conversation.

  • We ask searching and challenging questions to truly understand your organisation and strategy.

  • A good partnership comes from a good “fit”.

  • All of our best work occurs when we co-create with internal teams.

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