What's the most effective way to teach leaders to coach experts?

01 Jul 2020

Presented by Grant Heinrich

In these uncertain times you need to hang on to your most your organisation’s technical specialists - often your most critical and most experienced staff. They’re your main driver of innovation, and often the only people in your organisation with the specialist knowledge needed to keep the lights on.

At the same time, you also need this group to change and adapt its behaviour to new organisational norms. Sure, every employee has issues that need discussion, coaching and commitment to new paths, but experts are a group that can be especially difficult to shift.

They’re as smart (and sometimes smarter) than their managers, and quite set in their ways. You can’t tell experts anything – they need to conclude things for themselves.

Coaching is the answer.

The #1 management technique for hanging on to experts is great coaching from their managers.

In this webinar, our Principal Consultant and mentor of experts Dominic Johnson introduces a process that every leader of expert can learn, and implement internally:

  • The science and application of “real plays”
  • A more sophisticated version of the GROW model, the ‘IGRROW’ method
  • How to coach “the value continuum for experts”
  • Putting technical skills in their place
  • 5 killer questions for leaders of experts to use when coaching experts.

As always, we’ll keep to the minimum possible presentation time, with another 20 minutes of Q&A available to our webinar audience to discuss their own situation, ask the hard questions, and share learning within the group.

We’ll be keen to hear suggestions from the audience for other ways to turn leaders of experts into super coaches.

This session ran in July 2020 and you can view the video on this page.

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