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We run practical webinars regularly on Expertship, organisational development, coaching and other skills. Next up: Mastering Expertship Webinar / Q&A 9 December 2022 2pm.

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Technical teams – such as IT, finance, HR, engineering and so on - are comprised of many senior individual contributors who are experts in their respective fields. Does that mean leaders must approach them differently? Why, and how?

We've analysed 4000 contributions to performance reviews of technical specialists and individual contributors. What makes an expert a Master Expert?

The challenges of a virtual office leave many leaders struggling to to adapt their leadership style, goals and priorities. Working from HFL's new Virtual Leadership Playbook, what are five management techniques you can deploy today to create purpose and mobilise your team, and continually improve team capability?

Want to know what our recent survey on virtual leadership told us: what is and isn't working for virtual leaders and remote teams? Our Chief Research Officer Darin Fox will run you through his results.

Is this your team? "HR is so busy taking care of everyone else, we're not thinking about ourselves" In this webinar, Tracey McGrath draws on her experience with as an OD designer for the mining and manufacturing industries to introduce you to "HR triage" - how to reduce the stress on HR teams who need to handle an ongoing crisis.

Your purpose is your truth north, perhaps now more than ever. Now we're in mostly remote teams, how do you create a sense of purpose and galavanise a team around it? What are practical tips and advice to create a strong purpose for a team?

In these uncertain times you need to hang on to most critical and experienced staff - your organisation's technical experts. At the same time, you need to be able to change and adapt their behaviour to new norms.

Very senior participants; a complex agenda; a vitally important organisational goal – pre-crisis, this was the sort of meeting you'd absolutely have refused to run over Zoom. How did Jarrad O'Brien of the SA Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) host a better, more effective virtual session?

Whether you're an HR strategist looking to audit organisational innovation, or a manager of experts wanting to improve the performance of a team member, the Expertship model will help you evaluate, manage and improve the performance of technical specialists. Join our Webinar to find out how.

We all know how to build one or two day workshops. But creating episodic sessions for many, many small groups? That's a hell of a lot of scheduling, design, reporting and more. In this webinar, we should you how to do it.

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