How do you create shared purpose in remote and virtual teams?

08 Jul 2020

Presented by Darin Fox

In a largely virtual, remote world, what holds your team together? Shared purpose. If you can’t create shared purpose, you’ll never get a handle on culture. In fact, right now a shared purpose may be easier to manage and have a greater impact than a shared culture.

But in a shared office, shared purpose seemed an easier goal. Now with mostly remote teams, how do you create a sense of purpose and galavanise a team around it? What are practical tips and advice to create a strong purpose for a team. How do you avoid your purpose becoming another empty corporate slogan?

Following our recent podcast on the topic, our Chief Research Officer Darin Fox will answer four critical questions to help you utilise your purpose to engage and focus your team and your organisation.

  • Why is purpose more important than ever?
  • What is the link between purpose and performance?
  • How might you create shared purpose remotely?
  • How might you evaluate whether you have a purpose or a slogan by asking questions like:


Can candidates articulate your purpose?


Do you hire people who show little evidence of being motivated by your purpose?


Do you financially reward people for clearly achieving the purpose of your organisation


Does your executive team put the organisation’s purpose as the core decision criteria for new products, services or strategic direction?


Do you assess to what extent purpose motivates your people to go beyond the expectations of their role?

This session ran in July 2020. You can download the presentation notes and suggestions for further reading using the form below.

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