Need competitive advantage, fast? Here's how to supercharge your organisation's most innovative thinkers.

29 May 2020

Presented by Grant Heinrich

If your organisation hires engineers, coders, accountants, scientists, data scientists, researchers, or any other technical specialist, you’ll already be familiar with “the development problem”.

Traditional HR and leadership development programs don’t equip a technical expert to lead innovation projects, pitch to boards or stakeholders, or to be an effective transmitter of ideas.

It’s a different set of skills. And without them, innovation withers.

Wednesday June 3, our CEO Alistair Gordon ran a 45-minute webinar that introduces a research-based framework called the Expertship Model.

It’s a tool you can take away and use, whether you’re an HR strategist looking to audit organisational innovation, or a manager of experts wanting to improve the performance of a team member.

In the attached video, Alistair also shares three actions you can take right now, at no cost, to use the model to help your experts add more value, be more innovative, and add enormously to organisational effectiveness.

Download the presentation below.

Download Expertship Model Presentation June 2020