Learn the most effective ways to lead a team of technical specialists such as developers, actuaries, scientists or engineers [Asia/Western Australian timezone]

24 Nov 2021

Presented by Grant Heinrich

This webinar has been run, but you might find out How to lead experts resource centre useful.

Technical teams - such as IT, finance, HR, engineering and research - are comprised of many senior individual contributors who are experts in their respective fields. They often know more about a topic that their leader does. Does this mean leaders need to approach them differently? If so, why and how?

Expertunity/HFL runs specialised leadership programs for leaders of experts – and in this webinar we’ll share what we have learned from many leaders of technical experts, including:

  • How are experts different to manage?

  • What new leadership challenges does this presents to leaders?

  • How do leaders overcome these challenges to leverage the very best performance – and even personal growth plans – out of their experts?

Who will benefit from attending this high-value webinar?

  • Leaders of expert teams at any level

  • HR business partners supporting technical teams

  • Leaders in Organisational Development seeking to maximise organisation value from experts.

Presented by Alistair Gordon, co-author of Master Expert: How to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role

This webinar has been run. Download a guide for our Leader of Experts program below, or try our How to lead experts resource centre.

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