WEBINAR: HR team self-care: Structuring your HR operation to reduce stress and damage to the team during an ongoing crisis
Summary: Is this your team? "HR is so busy taking care of everyone else, we're not thinking about ourselves" In this webinar, Tracey McGrath draws on her experience with as an OD designer for the mining and manufacturing industries to introduce you to "HR triage" - how to reduce the stress on HR teams who need to handle an ongoing crisis.
Presented by Tracey Mcgrath 19 Aug 2020
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Is this true of your team? “HR is so busy taking care of everyone else, we’re not thinking about ourselves”.

You’re not the only team - and with the Covid crisis ongoing, the lack of self-care for HR teams is straining the ability of those teams to keep responding.

In this webinar, we’ve asked long-time HFL coach and mining and manufacturing OD specialist Tracey McGrath to introduce “HR triage”.

This is Tracey’s own take on the mechanisms used by those physically dangerous industries to manage the fallout of critical incidents. It will help you take control of the flood of inbound demands on HR created by Covid, and reduce the stress on individual members of your HR teams.

Think of it as self-care for your HR team, but in a form that will continue to help your team long after the current crisis is over.

Wed Aug 19th at 8AM Sydney time.

This webinar has now run and we will release the video and Tracey’s slides later in the week.

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