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Summary: A learning out blog as I share my experiences and insights from working with subject matter experts and my the learnings I gain from them as their coach.
Written by Darin Fox 09 Oct 2023


I’m thrilled to welcome you to Masters Out Loud, my learning out loud blog about the specialised world of coaching highly specialised experts. Through this platform, I’ll share the incredible stories, challenges, and triumphs that unfold as my coaching clients harness their potential to make a lasting impact on businesses, society, and their communities.

I believe technical expertise is the engine that propels innovation, drives progress, and shapes the future. Businesses rely on experts to provide the critical insights and solutions needed to stay competitive in our rapidly evolving world. Society benefits as experts pioneer ground-breaking discoveries and innovations that improve our quality of life, create jobs, and drive economic growth. On a global scale, technical experts are vital in addressing our most complex issues such as climate change, energy sustainability, and healthcare accessibility.

It is why I joined Expertunity in early 2020.

However, there’s a catch. Experts often find themselves facing formidable obstacles within their organizations and communities when they attempt to wield their influence and drive positive change through their expertise. In organizations, experts may struggle to convey the value of their ideas to decision-makers who may lack the technical knowledge to fully grasp their significance. Bureaucracy, hierarchy, and traditional corporate cultures can stifle the innovative spirit of these experts, leaving their potential untapped.

In the community, experts might encounter skepticism or resistance from individuals who fear change or simply don’t understand the potential benefits of their ideas. Some parts of the community may fear experts for various reasons, and these fears can be influenced by psychological, societal, and personal factors. Navigating these barriers requires not only technical expertise but also effective communication, leadership skills, and the ability to influence.

Expertunity’s one-on-one coaching methods have been developed specifically with experts in mind. Our coaches provide a safe space for experts to explore their challenges, identify their strengths, and create actionable strategies for success. In my experience, executive coaching has the potential to unlock a world of opportunities for technical experts, enabling them to break down barriers, drive meaningful change, and fulfill their true potential. Through this blog, I’ll delve into real-life stories of experts I work with to overcome obstacles and leverage their strengths to make a positive impact.

I’m excited to share my learnings, insights, and surprises with you. Stay tuned for inspiring tales of transformation, expert wisdom, and the profound impact that technical expertise can have on businesses, society, and the world. Welcome to Masters Out Loud!

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