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Written by Darin Fox Released 13 Jan 2021

Managing upwards is one of the most common topics that comes up in coaching conversations with our clients. So in this podcast we are talking about why you need to care about “Managing Upwards” and the best ways you can go about it to improve the relationship with your manager and improve outcomes for your team.

Listen in to our return guests Rachael Grant and Alistair Gordon to learn what do we mean by Managing Up and why it’s so important, the do’s and do nots about doing it, and what might get in your way and how to overcome those obstacles.

In this episode, we ask:

  • What is meant by the phrase “Managing Up”?

  • Why is managing up so important to front-line leaders?

  • What are some of the common mistakes managers make when they attempt to manage up? 

  • What does really good “Managing Up” really look like in action?

  • What are some of the obstacles that may make “Managing Up” difficult for some people?


  • “Managing up comes up in coaching conversations all the time.”

  • “The best way to get feedback is to ask for it.”

  • “The more you have the conversation about HOW we will share feedback, the better.”

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