Expertunity resources for technical leaders who wish to build the capability of their technical experts.
Summary: This article is an overview of the various tools, programs and resources we provide.
Written by Alistair Gordon 26 Jan 2024

This article is an overview of the various tools, programs and resources we provide. All these tools help experts move up the three levels of expertship, until they are operating at the highest level of influence and impact - Master Expert level.

The Three Levels of Expertship


The most inexpensive but powerful way to start the development of your technical experts.

We have two published text books on how and why to acquire these skills which are available on all major book selling platforms. Master Expert is a manual for leveling up an experts’ expertise, influence and impact. The Expertship Growth Guide is a development guide, full of suggestions on how experts go about improving all their capabilities, including Market Context. Where to buy Master Expert.

These are also great reference guides for senior leaders who run large teams of technical experts. Both retail for about $50, a small investment in leveling up your experts.

The Expertship360

Top-notch technical wizards thrive on constructive feedback to elevate their performance. Expertunity’s Expertship360 – a unique feedback mechanism empowering experts to pinpoint their current prowess and explore avenues for enhancement.

Consider having some of those experts you feel have most additional value to offer to undertake this process, which is typically confirming and motivations for them. This is relatively inexpensive and easy to execute. The Expertship 360

Mastering Expertship Public Programs

Our signature global program, Mastering Expertship, designed specifically for deeply technical subject matters experts, adds enterprise skills to their technical skills, turning them into master experts. Programs are run in many capital cities in Australia, and also London and New York.

Leader of Experts programs

We run specialised leadership “top-up” programs for technical leaders, focusing on the special challenges of running teams of experts who are more expert than you are. Leader of Experts

Private Technical Leader Briefings

We are happy to run briefings for senior IT leaders about how they can help their experts level up.

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